The beginning of the Association

Towards the end of the year 2016, the students discovered that there was a need for entire students of basic medical sciences programs to come together and forge an alliance. Prior to this period, everything done within the faculty was done departmentally. The then president of the University of Ibadan Physiology students Association UIPSA, late Mr Eferoro, assembled the departmental presidents BMLS and NABS. They agreed to form a student faculty association that will bring the entire students together within the faculty. The purposes of the association include and are not limited to;

1. Bridge the gap between faculty students' relationships
2. Promote unity within the faculty students
3. Bridge the gap between the students and faculty administration officers.

After much consultation with the students' union, Dean, and the faculty and students affairs division of the university. The association was founded (find date). The SRC and BAMSSAEC (electoral body) were the initial divisions of the association since there were no executive members yet.
All paperwork and documents necessary for conducting elections were filed by the three presidents with the support from the dean of the faculty.

Three lecturers were selected in consultation with the dean to serve as faculty staff advisers
Dr. A O Ige (Physiology) 
Dr A I Adedara (Biochemistry) 
Dr. Atiba (Anatomy department)

The Faculty is made of 3 departments 
1. Biochemistry 
2. Biomedical Laboratory Sciences 
3. Physiology 
With over 700 students full of potential and dreams.

The first election was conducted late/early 2017 with presidential candidates from the Department of Physiology and BMLS. The initial result after the election was a tie between the two candidates. The faculty officers were permitted to vote for the preferred candidate in order to break the tie. After thorough and arduous elections, Mr Abeje Jude of the Department of Physiology was elected the pioneer president of the students association (2016/2017)

Abeje Jude
Abeje Jude (2016/2017)

Mr Abeje Jude gave all his efforts to complete every necessary registration of the association to permit our full and continuous operation within the university. He pioneered several events, including faculty week and even the faculty designed T-shirts.

Following the completion of his tenure as president, Mr Dibia Ernesto (2017/2018 session) was elected president of the association where he did his best as the president by uniting the students from the three departments. 

Dibia Ernesto
Dibia Ernesto (2017/2018)

Then Mr Omolowo Tobi Alfred (2018/2019)  academic session ,he conducted the first dinner of the
 association and did his best to unite the students. Also,he orchestrated the traditional event known as BAMSTRAVAGANZA (where students showcase their talents )

Omolowo Tobi Alfred
Mr. Omolowo Tobi Alfred (2018/2019)

In February 2020, Mr Omolowo Tobi Alfred handed over the faculty association to Mr Fafure Adeleke (2021/2022) of the department of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences as the new President, he orchestrated many new things in the Faculty like the Bamssa SDG Hub,Bamssa Research Hub and many others, he did his best to unit the students of the departments in the Faculty.

Mr Fafure Adeleke
Mr Fafure Adeleke (2021/2022)

All of the above-mentioned candidates gave their best to the association. 

Then comes Mr Ibrahim Azeez of the department of Physiology as the president of the association (Incumbent President)

Ibrahim Azeez
Mr. Ibrahim Azeez